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Vertical Fitness Reviews

Thank You for the Amazing Pole Party!

Posted by Teresa

Cindy, I just wanted to send you and your staff a big THANK YOU! My sister in law, cousins and friends had such an amazing time on Saturday! Several of them went home to order poles for their home and to find classes in their hometowns, and they can't wait to come back to Tahoe. Thanks again for such a wonderful time!


Wonderful Belly Dancing!!

Posted by marydance

Belly dancing makes me happy! Having a class taught by Chris Karnofsky is an absolute joy to your feminine soul. Your body changes to the most beautiful curves you'll ever see, and to be taught to dance and play zils (finger cymbols) is an absolute high. The atmosphere is warm and sultry, the floors are clean to dance on, and the women get so excited to see each other week after week. It's a great place to practice your Art.

Pros: All Positive

Pole Dancing @ Vertical Fitness

Posted by SexyCat

It is sexyness in a whole new dimension! The studio is set up so private and personal. The lighting makes your skin soft and the music makes you feel beautiful. I love the atmosphere. It's a great way to get flexible and in shape. At the end of class my arms and legs are worked, my core muscles are tighter, and I have a sassy little attitude.

A Grrovin’ Way to Get Fit!

Posted by DonaC

Step into the Vertical Fitness dance studio and leave your inhibitions at the door! The studio is a beautiful sanctuary "for women only" and is very warm and inviting. The same qualities are true of the instructors, Cindy and Kelly, who provide a fun, supportive and liberating dance experience. While I have enjoyed other types of dance, I had never tried pole dancing until I found Vertical Fitness. The workout is incredible, and fun! How often do you hear "workout" and "fun" in the same sentence? Best of all, women of all abilities can do just start where you're comfortable and before you know it, you'll be trying all kinds of tricks! The instructors successfully apply their qualifications and creativity into fun and challenging routines, while encouraging students to explore a whole new side of self-expression. Additionally, you can find everything you need to compliment your new-found fitness program in "The Boutique". Browse the wide variety of tastefully selected clothing and accessories and you're sure to find something that is just right. And, if you're a "sneakers and sandals" girl like myself, get ready because you will acquire a new appreciation for all kinds of fun platform heels and boots. Don't forget to check out the fun and unique stockings to go with! We'll see you in class!

Pros: This is an overall great experience. Cons: Cons?? What Cons?

Hottest Workout Ever with FAB-U-LOUS Results!

Posted by RobinHart

LOVE IT!! I received 10 classes from my husband for Christmas and once I got over the giggles and to the class I was hooked! I have been athletic my entire life and love to dance, but this workout was much more than I had expected, with sore abs every week to prove it! I was using muscles in new ways with the added bonus of great music and dancing. The instructors make it fun and easy to learn in an environment that builds confidence quickly, as well as works on sensuality and our inner playful divas - everyone needs a little more of that!! I wish I could go every day...... so does my husband! :)

Pros: Great environment, great workout and fantastic instructors. Cons: none!

Feel Pretty and Confident While Dancing

Posted by Barbaraaa

Vertical Fitness is a welcome addition to the Lake Tahoe area. It is accessible, very clean and has a cute boutique for women who want special items to add pizzazz to their dance and lives. I've enjoyed all of the different classes offered, but especially liked the pole dance class because it was new for me and I felt pretty and sensual in my body while feeling safe in the private setting just for women. I'm really happy that there is a new studio like this. Try it out!

A Great Way to Exercise After a Long Day at Work!

Posted by elisenorman

The classes are well organized, and structured for all skill levels. In the classes I have attended an emphasis is placed on stretching, and that part alone makes the class worth the time! It amazed me the strength I have found in my upper body and legs just after a few classes. All of us girls are looking for a way to stay in shape as we gracefully age and the classes at vertical fitness are geared towards that. The instructors are professional and consistent and that is a key to a top-quality dance studio/exercise center. Well Done!

Fun, Intimate, Clean, Friendly Dance Studio!

Posted by corvinel

I was looking for a different kind of workout than just going to the gym and lifting weights. This studio is super fun! I love coming to class every week. The atmosphere is really sensual, clean and comfortable. I love the pole dancing class. I have increased my strength and flexibility, while having a fun time. I've also learned some hot dance moves which my boyfriend also loves. The instructors are great and work with all ability levels. The web site is beautiful and easy to navigate. I highly recommend this place to any one who wants a little fun and excitement in their workout.

Pros: clean, friendly, sensual atmosphere Cons: None! This place is great.

Best Class I Ever Took. Fun, Seductive, And An Incredible Workout.

Posted by 1daidriloduca

Hi Girls, If you are looking for a great workout and a really fun time, then VERTICAL FITNESS is the place to be. Cindy Coverdale, wife of rockstar David Coverdale, has all the right moves. This incredibly talented woman knows her stuff. Her dance routines are so fun and very seductive. They are great for every age and every ability. Cindy knows how to teach. She explains everything so thoroughly and makes you feel confident and beautiful. I never thought this would be something I could do, but she makes it simple. I look forward to every class, so does my husband. Just try it once, There may be a pole dancer in you too. Thank you Cindy for making fitness fun. Daidri Loduca

Fun and Fitness!

Posted by Snowbordmonkey

Vertical fitness is great for dancers of any skill level (or if you don't dance at all and just want to get into shape and have fun!) All the instructors are really nice, energetic, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic about what they do. It's a great atmosphere, it can get a little packed when there are tons of people, but its just right for the normal classes. I've taken the hula, hip hop, and Zumba, and was extremely impressed by all of them. I came home sore and happy each time, ready to go back for more!

Great Workout! Get in the Best Shape of Your Life!

Posted by JeanneMiraglia

Are you in great shape, but getting tired of your tried and true sports and workouts? I was looking for another great way to stay in shape and be challenged while working my core as well as other muscles. Vertical Fitness has a beautiful studio, that really takes you away to a vacation-like state of mind and will revive your desire to work-out! I have to mention that it might just happen to spice up other areas of your life! I tried Vertical Fitness and was so pleasantly surprised.

The Most Fun in Fitness

Posted by hflinchpaugh

Who knew exercising could be so much fun? The pole dancing classes are great way to keep in shape and you can be at any fitness level and/or age to be in the class. The instructors are really nice and make you feel very comfortable. They even have a boutique inside the studio where the clothes are fun and sassy. It's a must try for everyone.

Pole Dancing—Right Here in Incline—What a Treat!

Posted by ltmc

I have had THE BEST time in Cindy & Kellie's pole dancing classes. They are both excellent instructors, nice, personable, and make you feel so comfortable (especially for the newbies) :-) Practicing my pole moves at home is a little challenging since I don't own a pole yet but the Chair Dance routine is a different story! That was a very fun workshop and of course my husband doesn't mind me practicing at home. I highly recommend trying it out - it's like NO other workout you've done before and sooooooo much fun!!! ltmc

Pros: Beautiful studio, great shopping boutique, excellent instructors! Cons: the space might be a bit small for large groups, but it's really nice for the normal class sizes

So Fun!

Posted by jleetahoe

I never thought I would take pole dancing, but these classes are SO fun! The studio is really clean and cozy, and Cindy is a fabulous, warm, encouraging instructor (not to mention a GREAT dancer!). I have also taken a Belly Dancing workshop there, which was also fabulous. If you want to get into great shape while having a blast, take a class!

Best Exercise to Make You Feel Good and Have Fun.

Posted by KarenViel

This facility has an excellent and friendly staff. The facility is very clean and provides a relaxed environment. The staff is flexible with various levels and ability. They provide a wide variety of classes. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a way to have a lot of fun while exercising.

Pros: easy location, great atmosphere

Cons: none


Posted by Laura

Thank you so much for an absolutely wonderful experience. Kellie was a wonderful teacher and we all had an amazing time. The girls left feeling empowered and super sexy. The bride to be was particularly pleased as she always wanted to do something like this for her man but never felt confident enough to do so. That is the truly wonderful thing about a class like this, it's almost as though it gives us permission to own the fact that we are beautiful, sexy, amazing women.

Thank you again so much!

Zumba! Great New Work Out!

Posted by dancelvr

The most fun, high energy, dance work out I have ever
experienced! The way the alluring Latin moves are incorporated into the
music makes this a great total body fitness class that feels more like
a dance party than just a work out class. The warm up, cardio section,
and cool down use popular music ranging from Hip Hop to Reggaton, and
Latin inspired sounds. This class teaches the basics of the Merengue,
Salsa, Samba, Cumbia, and Reggaton, and then uses all these great steps
to work your whole body in a new and inventive way! I definitely
recommend Zumba to anyone of any fitness level!!