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After a short warm up stretch to help you prepare for dancing, and loosen up your muscles, our instructor will go over the basics of Burlesque Dancing with you accessing everyone's ability level. As you get comfortable with the moves she will put them together in a fabulous routine adding in such props as Ostrich Fans, Feather Boas, Top Hats and Canes. Get ready to have a lot of fun as you let your sensual, diva side come out and play. 

Please feel free to dress up in your bootie shorts, fish net stockings, corsets, or flirty outfits and character shoes if you have them. Bare feet, shorts and a tank top are perfectly fine as well. (No street shoes please as they damage the floor.)

Character Shoes, Pole Dancing Shoes, tops, bootie shorts and more are available for purchase in our boutique should you decide you "need" any of those items!