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Wendy Scott

Wendy has been an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer since 2006. Her main focus is on core strengthening and stability while striving to provide a well-rounded program including cardio, strength training, flexibility, balance, posture, and breathing. It is important to Wendy to consider her client’s goals, needs, strengths, weaknesses, and injuries if any. Her goal is to help clients reach their maximum potential of healing, health and optimal well-being.

Wendy has been teaching Reformer Pilates since June 2005, and has received certifications in Reformer 1 and 2, Mat 1, and the Gravity Training System. She has a broad range of experience with different type of equipment (reformer, bosu, wundra chair), as well as experience with teaching students at different fitness levels.

Wendy has been enjoying belly dancing since 2001, when she began taking classes herself in North Tahoe with Chris Karnofsky (a veteran dancer of 40+ years). She trained with Chris until 2010 where she learned a mix of Classic Belly Dance, Turkish, Flamenco, Tribal and use of zills (finger cymbals). She has also taken workshops and additional classes whenever possible from many other incredible Belly Dancers. (See Complete Bio.)

As a member of Troupe Shakti of North Tahoe from 2005-2010, she performed under the stage name Saffana. Some of Troupe Shakti's performances included the Truckee Renaissance Faire, An Evening at the Casbah in Tahoe City, Ca., the Autumn Food and Wine Festival at Northstar, Ca., and other private engagements, including parties and restaurants. On her own, Wendy has done performances at weddings and parties, taught a basic belly dance class at Vertical Fitness, from January 2009- August 2011 and most recently performed with Vertical Fitness at the "Moulin Rouge" show for the Shane McConkey benefit at Squaw Valley, Ca.

Wendy's love of Belly Dance inspires her and keeps her striving for more education so she can grow as a dancer and an instructor. Her goal is to help women of all ages, shapes and sizes become comfortable with their bodies through dance, find their inner beauty and bring out the dancer within. Join her for a playful and energetic class!

Fitness Certification & Continuing Education:

12/13 TRX Suspension Training Certification

01/11 Flirty Girl Instructor Certification

10/10 Burlesque Workshop with Rodney James 

10/10 Burlesque Instructor Training  (8 hours)with Rodney James 

06/10 Burlesque Workshop with Rodney James 

06/10 Burlesque Instructor Training (16 hours) with Rodney James 

Pilates Coach and Bender Method Training

Pilates—Mat 1

Pilates—Reformer 1 & 2

Gravity Training System - EFI Sports Medicine

AFAA Personal Trainer

Massage Therapy

        NCBMTB Nationally Certified

        Certified Lomi Practitioner


Belly Dance  Continuing Education:

11/10 -thru 4/11 Private Instruction—Tribal Dance
with Alison Prater of Reno, NV    

03/11  Tribal Fusion Workshop with Gina Bruno
of the Bay Area, CA.-Level 5 Suhaila Salimpour Certified Dancer

10/10  Private Lesson with Namira of South Lake Tahoe, CA.-Belly Dancer of the
Year-2011 and Winner of the 2012 Belly Dance Queen Competition-Tribal moves

09/09  Inner Spirit; Duet Combos with The eclectic,
innovative Shimmy Sisters of San Diego, CA

09/09   Zilly Drills Workshop with Kamaal of
Los Angeles, CA. area-twice named “Mr. America of Belly Dance” and “Best
Professional Male Belly Dancer”

09/09   Juicy Combos  with Jill Parker of
San Francisco, CC.-Original member of Fat Chance Belly Dance and founder
of Ultra Gypsy

09/09   Saidi / Assaya  Workshop Aradia of
Las Vegas, NV 

09/08  Arabian Nights At Sea
Drum Solo Workshop with Kamaal of Los Angeles, CA area-twice named “Mr. America
of Belly Dance” and “Best Professional Male Belly Dancer”

09/08  Belly
Rolls and Flutters with Helena Vlahos of Phoenix, AZ

9/08    Jill's Drills and Ooey,Gooey,Slow and
Slinky Workshops with Jill Parker of San Francisco, Ca.-Original member
of Fat Chance Belly Dance and founder of Ultra Gypsy.

09/06  Gypsy Bellydance  with Mesmera of Los Angeles, CA

09/06  Rockin Raqs
Sharki Workshop with Paulina of Ventura, CA

09/06  Drum Solo Combos
Workshop with Fahtiem of Los Angeles, Ca.-1999-Oriental (Middle Eastern) Dancer
of the Year

09/06    Taqsim  Workshop with Aradia of Las
Vegas, NV

09/05   That 70's Kind of Dancer Workshop with Kamaal of Los Angeles, Ca.
area-twice named “Mr. America of Belly Dance” and “Best Professional Male
Belly Dancer”-