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Kirsten Gaudet

Kirsten began dance classes at the age of 3 and continued to dance her whole life. As a child she was part of a competitive dance team, traveling to competitions throughout New England. She transitioned from ballet, jazz, tap and lyrical to hip hop around the age of 15. Kirsten choreographed and ran the University of Chicago Laboratory High School Dance Troupe, choreographed for the AHANA Dance Troupe of Emory University and taught hip hop dance classes in Chicago, IL.

Kirsten watched live pole dancers for the first time at Burning Man in 2012. The combination of strength, flexibility, and grace needed for pole blew her away. She knew that she needed to give it a try. She started pole dancing at Vertical Fitness with Cindy Coverdale in October of 2012 and has been addicted ever since. Given her dance background, pole dancing was a new challenge and natural fit for Kirsten.

Kirsten’s strong foundation in dance enables her to incorporate many different styles of dance into routines and classes. Her background has also taught her the importance of proper pole technique for both beginners and advanced dancers. She believes that strength, flexibility, and musicality are key elements to pole dancing but the most important element is to have fun!

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