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Kellie Wynne

Kellie began taking pole dancing lessons in 2004 while in her home state of Virginia, and after the very first class she was hooked. Studying primarily with a teacher whose professional dance background was ballet and ballroom, Kellie's pole dancing style grew to become beautifully controlled and graceful. Kellie moved to the Lake Tahoe area in the summer of 2007 and is thrilled to now be instructing others in this new fitness related form of dance. She can't wait to pass along her love of pole dancing to her students!





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Certification & Continuing Education

AFAA Group Fitness Instructor


06/13 Spinning Pole Master Class with jamilla Deville 

06/13 Private Lesson with jamilla Deville

05/13 Rafaela Montanaro Private Lesson

05/13 Rafaella Floorwork Master Class

05/13 Rafaella Choreography Master Class

06/12 Stretch Workshop with Amber Ray

06/12 Pole Star Workshop with Alesia Vazmitsel

06/12 Signature Floorwork with Alethea Austin

09/11 Inter/Adv Signature Pole Tricks Workshop with Natasha Wang USPDF Champion 2011 

09/11 Advanced Signature Pole Tricks Workshop with Becca Butcher  Polarity Trixtar Champion 2010

05/11 Instructor Training with Nic Judd and Zoraya Judd

05/11 Private Lesson with Zoraya Judd

05/11 Advanced Workhsop with Zoraya Judd

05/11 Spinning Pole Workshop with Zoraya Judd

01/11 Advanced Pole Workshop with Zoraya Judd

11/10 Climb & Spin Workshop with Kira Lamb

11/10 Intermediate / Advanced Workshop with Jenyne Butterfly

10/10 Advanced Spin and Stretch with Jasmin Bristow of Sedusa Studios.

10/10 Burlesque Workshop with Rodney James 

05/10 Private Workshop with Jamille Deville "Art of Pole"

04-09 Advanced Private Lesson with Jenyne Butterfly

07-08 Master Instructor Inversions Workshop with Michula of Antix Fitness Studio 

07-08 Master Instructor Tricks & Spins Workshop with Michula of Antix Fitness Studio

07-08 Master Instructor Lap Dance Workshop with Michula of Antix Fitness Studio

11-07 Advanced Private Lesson with Jenyne Butterfly