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Deborah Scarborough

Deborah first started practicing Yoga in 1998 when she started experiencing a lot of stress from a new career as a school teacher and was suffering from chronic pain from various injuries. She realized Yoga was something she could do for the rest of her life to be pain free, stay in shape, and maintain a state of wellbeing and balance in her body, mind, and spirit.

Following her passion for teaching and the profound healing and personal transformation she experiences in her Yoga practice, Deborah decided to become a Yoga teacher to share the many benefits of Yoga with others. Deborah studied with Gary Kraftsow for two years and received her RYT 500 hour teacher certification in the Viniyoga method and opened her own Yoga studio in Lanai, Hawaii.

Wanting to go deeper into the teachings and continue her self inquiry, along with learning how to serve others in a more specialized discipline, Deborah decided to continue her training for another two years with Gary Kraftsow in the RYT 500 hour Viniyoga Therapist training program. What she likes best as a certified Yoga Therapist is empowering individuals facing various health issues to reduce symptoms, manage their condition, restore balance, increase vitality, and improve their attitude as they embark on their journey to becoming well.

Deborah also has had the privilege to study with Rod Strykner, Sara Powers, and Judith Lasater. She enjoys continuing her study of Yoga which she believes is a life long process.

Currently, Deborah is following her passion by facilitating Yoga retreats at the Four Season Lanai, HI. She enjoys sharing the many healing and transformational techniques that Yoga has to offer within the context of a specific topic. She is currently planning on expanding her retreats to the Tahoe area and also offering workshops.

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