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Cindy Coverdale

Cindy is passionate about Pole Fitness and captivated by what it has to offer: beauty, strength, flexibility, sensuality, and playfulness! She has studied with the finest pole dancers world-wide including: Jenyne Butterfly, Oona Kivela, Alesia Vazmitsel, Zoraya Judd, K.T. Coates, Cleo the Hurricane, Michula Nunez, Fawnia Deitrich, Jamilla DeVille, Alethea Austin, Steven Retchless, and Felix Cane solidifying her credentials as an instructor and inspiring herself as a dancer. 

She was first introduced to Pole Fitness in July 2006 and has been enthralled by the sport ever since. Her mission as an instructor is to allow her students permission to express their own creativity and style through this form of movement in a supportive, enthusiastic, and empowering environment. Her awareness of form and proper alignment allows her students to advance in their ability level with ease and grace!

Cindy is the owner of Vertical Fitness and also a judge on the competition television series Vertical Pole Challenge.



XPert Pole Fitness Professional Training Certification

PDIC Level 1-4 Basic Certification
PDIC Level 5 Advanced Certification

AFAA Group Fitness Instructor
ACE Group Fitness Instructor

Aircat Aerail Yoga Instructor

TRX Suspension Instructor

Burlesque Instructor Training with Rodney Syaranamual

Flirty Girl Instructor








Continuing Education:

02/15  Restorative Aerial Yoga Workshop with Shelly Bomb

02/15 Level 4-5 Workhsop with Heidi Coker

02/15 Level 2-3 Workshop with Heidi Coker

02/15  Choreography Workshp with Phillip Deal

12/14  Barre Basics Certification

12/13 TRX Suspension Training Certification

09/13  Master Tricks & Comobs with Marion Crampe

09/13  Private Lesson with Marion Crampe

09/13 Work the Floor with Marlo Fiskin

09/13  Spins & Transitions with Estee Zakar

09/13  Sexy Slinky Pole with Karol Helms

09/13  Flexibility Floorwork with Sofia Venanzetti

09/13  Owning the Spatchhcock with Tristan Brinkkottter

09/13  Down & Dirty Floorwork Workshop with Karol Helms

06/13  Spinning Pole Master Class with jamilla Deville 

06/13  Private Lesson with jamilla Deville

05/13  Twisted Grip Workshop with Michelle Shimmy

05/13  Rafaela Montanaro Private Lesson

05/13  Rafaella Floorwork Master Class

05/13  Rafaella Choreography Master Class

11/12  Doubles Pole with Nadia and Mina

11/12  Stretching Workshop with Nadia Sharif

06/12  VIP Pole Workshop with Steven Retchless

06/12  Pole Star Workshop with Hanka Venselaar

06/12  Pole Star Workshop with Oona Kivela

06/12  Pole Star Workshop with Alesia Vazmitsel

06/12  Rock n Pole Workshop with Cleo the Hurricane

06/12  Signature Floorwork with Alethea Austin

11/11  Private Lesson with Zoraya Judd

11/11  Advanced Workshop with Zoraya Judd

09/11  Inter/Adv Signature Pole Tricks Workshop with Natasha Wang USPDF Champion 2011 

09/11  Advanced Signature Pole Tricks Workshop with Becca Butcher  Polarity Trixtar Champion 2010

05/11  Instructor Training with Nic Judd and Zoraya Judd "Best Entertainer" World Pole Fitness and Sport Competition 2011

05/11  Private Lesson with Zoraya Judd

05/11  Advanced Workhsop with Zoraya Judd

05/11  Spinning Pole Workshop with Zoraya Judd

01/11  Flirty Girl Instructor Certification

01/11  Pole Workshop with Zoraya Judd

11/10  Climb & Spin Workshop with Kira Lamb

11/10  The Art of Transitions & Choreography with Brook Notary

11/10  Intermediate / Advanced Workshop with Jenyne Butterfly

10/10  Advanced Spin and Stretch Workshop with Jasmin Bristow

10/10  Spinning Pole Workshop with Jasmin Bristow

10/10  Burlesque Workshop with Rodney James

10/10  Burlesque Instructor Training  (8 hours)with Rodney James

09/10  Tricks & Combos Workshop with Felix Cane 2009 & 2010 World Pole Dance Champion

09/10  Spin & Floor Sequence Workhop wih Felix Cane 2009 & 2010 Word Pole Dance Champion

09/10  Sexy Flow Workshop with Alethea Austin 2010 US Pole Dance Champion

06/10  Burlesque Workshop with Rodney James

06/10  Burlesque Instructor Training (16 hours) with Rodney James

05/10  Private Workshop with Jamilla DeVille "The Art of Pole"

07/09  Floorwork and Flexibility Workshop with Althea Austin of Be Spun Studio 

04/09  Intermediate/Advanced Teaching Workshop with Jamilla Deville "The Art of Pole"

04/09  Advanced Intensive Workshop with  Jamilla Deville "The Art of Pole"

03/09  Level 5 Advanced Pole Dancing Instructor Certification with Fawnia Deitrich

03/09  Advanced Workshop with Jenyne Butterfly

04/09  Advanced Private Lesson with Jenyne Butterfly

07/08  Master Instructor Inversions Workshop with Michula of Antix Fitness Studio    Video

07/08 Master Instructor Tricks & Spins Workshop with Michula of Antix Fitness Studio    Video

07/08 Master Instructor Lap Dance Workshop with Michula of Antix Fitness Studio    Video

04/08 Advanced Workshop with Jamilla DeVille Jamilla Deville "The Art of Pole"

03/08 Advanced Private Lesson with Josiah Grant aka Bad Azz

03/08 Advanced Class with Leigh Ann Orsi at Bespun Studio

03/08 Advanced Workshop Catmoves Pole Dancing with Kitty Cadillac

07/08 Master Instructor Lap Dance Workshop with Michula of Antix Fitness Studio

09/07 Intermediate Pole Workshop with K.T. Coates

Dance Instructor with Fawnia

Cindy and Vertical Fitness are members of the International Pole Federation, The US Pole Dancing Federation, and the Pole Fitness Association.