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Video Gallery of Vertical Fitness Students and Instructors!

Sarah Roulias Championship L3 Senior  - Pacific Pole Competition 2014


Rachel's Level 2 Performance - Pacific Pole Competition 2014


Kirsten PPC Level 3 Championship Performance - Pacific Pole Competition 2014


Julia PPC Level 1 Entertainment Performance - Pacific Pole Competition 2014


Kellie performing a flirty pole routine at our Studio Showcase!



Cindy, Kellie and Tammy performing a pole routine together. So much FUN!


Kirsten performing at our Studio Showcase. Such a beautiful dancer!


Here's Kathy's performance! Go Kathy!


Instructor Jesalyn, performs a routine with Polesque student, Julia. Great Job Ladies!


Instructors Jesalyn and Kellie share a fun Chair Routine!


Wendy and Deborah do a short Belly Dance for us... Actually, it was longer, but something went goofy with the video.