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Vertical Fitness Classes

Our mission is to provide an innovative and fresh approach to fitness by providing classes that you can't wait to come back to! All of our classes are designed to bring a more playful feeling to working out. You will achieve physical results from every class, but the focus is more on having fun, being in the present moment and enjoying it!

All classes are ongoing so you may join in at anytime. No need to wait for a session to begin, you can start right away!

Sunrise Yoga

Start the day with awareness and well-being. In this Hatha Flow style class, invigorate and awaken your body through breathing techniques and a sequence of flowing postures. This Class uses postures (asanas), sun salutations, and stretches in combination with the breath to develop
flexibility and relaxation.

Jesalyn White
Aerial Yoga

A class for all ages and skill levels, Aerial Yoga focuses on combining the grounding principles of yoga while we take flight in an Aerial Hammock! Learning to fly has never been easier, safer, or more fun than through using the comfortable fabric sling under the instruction of fully certified instructor.

Aerial Hoop

Aerial Hoop is great cross-training, especially for those already taking pole classes. You will be amazed at what you are capable of! Instructor, Sarah Roulias believes if you have strength and flexibility combined you can do anything!

Sarah Roulias
Beginner Pole

If you haven’t yet tried Pole Fitness, or you feel you could benefit from a refresher course please join us for Beginner Pole.  Class begins with some gentle stretches to warm up the body and increase your flexibility before moving onto the poles.  Each class will introduce a mini-routine consisting of a spin, transition move and floor work. Expect to be surprised at how much fun you have and how empowered you feel!

Pole Tricks

Are you ready to take your pole dancing skills to the next level? Would you like to go upside down on the pole?  Then this is the class for you!  Once again class will begin with warm up stretches to prepare you for more challenging pole work which will include more advanced spins, pole climbs, combination  moves and inversions!

Advanced Pole Fitness

Are you addicted to Pole Dancing? Are you comfortable doing inversions and climbs? Can you, or would you like to learn how to, combine moves? If so, then this is your class! We will work on refining existing intermediate moves while also learning new advanced ones. This class will focus on taking inversions, arial tricks and combinations, more advanced spins, and climbs to the next level by combining them with smooth transitions and floor  work.  Periodically, complete routines will be taught incorporating all you have learned. The class will close with a cool down stretch focusing on increasing your flexibility.

All Levels Pole Fitness

This class gives you a chance to refine and perfect moves you've already learned in previous pole fitness classes. Instead of teaching new moves, this will be an open class format with the instructor circulating around the room, working individually with each student on the moves chosen by that student. It's a chance to get that move you almost got in class, or simply another chance to be on the pole so you can progress more quickly. A warm up and cool down will be provided by the instructor.

Pole Combos

This pole class is designed to take the Beginner Student to the Intermediate Level by focusing on integrating transitions and flow while building strength needed to execute clean inverts and climbs. Spinning pole will also be introduced! This is the perfect class for you if you aren't quite sure you're ready to move into an Intermediate Class, feel like you're loosing your flow and only focus on tricks, or if you struggle with inverts.

Independent Pole Routine

Do you have the basics down and want to turn those into complete routines with flow and grace? Would you like to discover how complimentary music can be to pole dancing?  How it can change the style of your pole movement? Join us for a class that will focus on learning complete routines to current songs.  This will truly take your pole experience to a whole other level!

Pole Flow

This class is all about flow and continual movement! Once a slow and slinky pole warm up is completeted get ready to transition into constant flow that will escalate in the level of difficulty as the class goes on.

Cindy Coverdale

This is a great pole class if your curious about pole but feel intimidated to try it! Pole-esque combines Burlesque-style dance moves and floor work with mostly beginner pole tricks. Mini routines (combinations) will be taught ensuring that you learn how to move gracefully from pole move to pole move with sassy or sensual dance moves in between.

Jesalyn White
Pole Jam (Open Pole)

Pole Jam is your chance to simply come play on the pole! Work on whatever you'd like with other pole enthusiasts doing the same. Share moves with others, work on your own routine or practice what you've been working on in class. This is a Pole Jam (not a pole class) so don't expect
instruction from our staff.

GRAVITY Pilates® Reformer

The multi-level incline plane resistance provided by the Gravity Training System Reformer gives Pilates participants the ability to perform reformer exercises more efficiently and effectively for greater, faster results.  The time honored principles of breath, alignment and control developed by Joseph C. Pilates are central to GravityPilates® programs.  Improving body awareness, spinal alignment, strength, flexibility and neuromuscular control remain its key goals. It’s everything the traditional reformer was… and more!

Semi-Private Gravity Reformer Instruction

Get in shape with a friend! Would you liket to have a little more time with your spouse or best friend? Book a Semi-Private Class and spend some quality time together while getting in shape. Our Instructors will put together the perfect Pilates work out routine for both of you!

Please contact us so we may schedule this for you! Don't forget to include the day and time that works best for you.

Private Gravity Reformer Assessment

If you've never tried a Gravity Pilates Reformer Class we recommend a Private Assessment (30-55 minutes) with one of our Instructors. This will enable them to show you how the Gravity Reformer differs from a traditional Pilates reformer so you feel confident in a group class. It will also help our instructors to place you in a class with students that are of a similar ability level to you! 

Please contact us so we may schedule this for you! Don't forget to include the day and time that works best for you.

Intense Gravity Blast

This is a fast-paced strength and cardio class using the Gravity Reformers.

It is not for the beginner, and is not a Pilates Reformer Class. Instructors will focus on giving you a total body workout condensed into a half hour time slot. Don't have time to work out?

With this class you can work out in the morning before work, or at lunchtime!

Dress Code: Bare feet and comfortable workout clothes. (Not too loose. You want to be able to see your body alignment.)

Pilates Dynamic Mat Class

This is a mat class with a twist. We add props such as the Bender Ball, the Bosu Balance Trainer, the Bosu Ballast Ball and more. Strengthen and lengthen your entire body! Pilates Mat classes focus on integrating the entire body (as opposed to working separate body parts) while being aware of the breath and how the spine is aligned. You will benefit from better posture, flexibility and stronger core muscles. The workout is both relaxing and revitalizing, and works for everyone regardless of age or condition. You will improve your balance, increase mobility and learn core stabilization.

All fitness levels are welcome and no prior experience is necessary.

Private Gravity Reformer Instruction

Work one-on-one with a certified Pilates Instructor in a session that is customized especially for you!

Please contact us so we may schedule this for you! Don't forget to include the day and time that works best for you.

Belly Dancing

This is the perfect introduction class if you’re new to Belly Dancing, but it’s also great for the accomplished dancer who wants to reinforce the basics or simply get another dance session in! Belly Dance Basics involves stretching, posture, zill work, basic movements and choreography. Let your “Inner Goddess” come out and play in this light-hearted atmosphere!

Wendy Scott
Personal Training

Get in shape with one-on-one instruction using a customized program designed especially for you! Instructor is a Certified Personal Trainer. Please contact us if you’d like more information!  Thank you!

Investment: $65.00 per hour.

Therapeutic Yoga

This gentle holistic class focuses on releasing tight muscles, reducing pain from injuries, and relieving stress from the body and mind. Yoga techniques such as asana, (postures) breathing, and guided relaxation will be used to bring about harmony and balance within the mind-body connection. Asana promotes stretching and strengthening of the muscles to create stability in the body.

Private & Semi Private Pole Instruction

Private Pole Instruction

A one on-one class with a Certified Pole Fitness Instructor and you!  Use this time to work on learning new advanced moves, creating a routine just for you, refining your moves, learning teaching techniques, or simply getting an introduction to the sport! Please contact us for more information. Thank You!

Investment: $90.00-$120.00 per hour.

Semi-Private Pole Instruction

Get a great pole workout with a friend! The time will be spent as you decide: refining existing moves, learning new ones, or creating a routine just for you! Please contact us for more information. Thank You!
Investment: $75.00 per hour per person.  Up to three people.

Yin Yoga

Since Yin Yoga postures gently stretch and rehabilitate the connective tissues that form our joints, it is the perfect compliment to Yang activity (vigorous yoga, running, weight training, etc.). You may enhance your yang practice dramatically with this technique. Active people probably need Yin Yoga more than anyone else! This may prove to be one of the your best yoga experiences yet as you develop new levels of awareness in each posture and alignment corrections.

Jesalyn White
Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa is a creative and dynamic style of yoga which combines breath and movement through a steady and vigorous sequence of poses. The class features sequences of sun salutations, standing and seated postures, balances, back bending and inversions. Vinaysa yoga builds internal heat, endurance, flexibility, strength and concentration. This style is often called flow yoga, because of the smooth way the poses run together like a dance.

Marla Richardson
Restorative Yoga

Flexibility is so important to our bodies, yet many people avoid (and even dread) the idea of stretching. This is non-traditional stretch class that will help you move through that and enjoy flexibility again! As your body releases the tightness and tension it's been holding on to, you will notice a profound difference in how you feel!

Deborah Scarborough
Yoga Nidra

Are you stressed, overworked, feeling tension and pain and needing a yoga practice to nourish and rejuvenate your body, mind, emotions, and spirit? Yoga Nidra is a powerful practice that promotes well-being, inner peace, tranquility, and personal transformation. It’s an ancient tantric practice that taps into your body’s natural healing state by activating the relaxation response.

Deborah Scarborough
Sexy Stretch

Treat your body to some relaxation and stress release! In this class we’ll dim he lights, soften the music and guide you through a series of sensual and playful stretches. Your newfound flexibility will enhance everything you do and your body will thank you!

Cindy Coverdale
Private & Semi Private Belly Dance Instruction

Private Belly Dance Instruction

Learn how to Belly Dance with one-on-one instruction, spend some time refining what you already know, or learn a routine created just for you in a session customized to suite your needs and wishes! Please contact us for more information. Thank You!

Investment: $65.00 per hour.

Semi-Private Belly Dance Instruction

Get together with a friend or two and have a session customized to you! Use the time to learn a routine, refresh existing moves, or simply get an introduction to the dance! Please contact us for more information. Thank You!

Investment: $40.00 per hour per person.  Up to three people.

Wendy Scott