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Have you seen our remodel?


Our studio just keeps growing and growing!  We are thrilled to have our remoded complete and happy to announce we know have three separate studios for all of our classes! Thank you so much for continuing to support us. We really do love working out with you!

Photos from Rafaela's Master Class


Master Classes with the incredible, Rafaela Montanaro


We are very excited to announce 2 Master Classes with the incredible, Rafaela Montanaro-- Joining us all the way from Brazil! :) You won't want to miss this opportunity to train with South America's finest pole dancing competitor and instructor!

Floorwork: Strong & Sexy

Friday May 3rd@ 5:30-7:00 pm


followed by...

Rhythm & Pole: Choreographic Pole

Friday May 3rd @ 7:00-8:30pm


Rafaela Skirt

Sign up early to guarantee your spot in class. :) We'll see you at the workshops!


Cindy, Kellie & Tammy

Floorwork: Strong & Sexy!

Friday May 3rd@ 5:30-7:00 pm


All Welcome!

Floorwork is an essential part of choreography. This class will use only movements that have contact with the floor creating a sensual and acrobatic performance!

Rafaela Montanaro 2012 Miss Pole Dance Sudamerica 1er Lugar

Sign Up Now!  Click on Master Class Tab :)

Class will be limited to two per pole.

Rhythm & Pole: Choreographic Pole

Friday May 3rd @ 7:00-8:30pm


All Pole Levels Welcome!

This class is previously choreographed with floor and pole techniques. The class begins with a warm up focused to develop corporal conscience and rhythm incorporation. Students will then learn choreography that can be developed to their level of pole!

Rafaela Montanaro - Pole Art 2012

Sign Up Now!  Click on Master Class Tab :)

Class will be limited to two per pole.

About Rafaela...

Rafaela Montanaro, two time Pole Fit Champion, is known world wide for her amazing performances that balance strength, flexibility and artistic diversity; performing different characters and dance styles from classical ballet to rock-n-roll. She is the most recognized Brazilian Pole Dancer, teaching and performing all around the world.

To read her complete bio please visit her website by clicking here Note: Click on the American Flag for English. :)

Pole Dance Titles

2012 - Champion - Miss Pole Dance South America-Argentina

2012 - Pole Fit Champion @ IPC Hong Kong

2012 - 5th Place and finalist @ Pole Art-Sweden

2011 - 2nd Place @ Pole Wold Cup - Brazil

2011 - Nationa Champion @ Pole Wold Cup - Brazil

2010 - Pole Fit Champion @ IPC Hong Kong

2010 - 3rd Place @ Miss Pole Dance World - Switzerland

2010 - Best Pole Tricks @ Miss Pole Dance World - Switzerland

2009 - Champion @ Miss Pole Dance Brazil - Brazil

2009 - Champion - Miss Pole Dance South America-Argentina

Rafaela's Website


Divas Day Out!


Master Class with Nadia Sharif! (March 28th @ 6pm)


Nadia is known for her unique and crowd-appealing tricks that include stylized inverts, creative transitions and fast drops! She has been creating her own pole tricks and combos since she began competing in 2008. This USPDF Pro and National Aerial Pole Art Champion will show you her favorite flexibility moves, strength moves, tricks and transitions as well as the secrets to winning over a crowd full of people or a panel full of judges.


A few of us have already been lucky enough to take a workshop with Nadia and she is a really great instructor as well as amazing Pole Dancer. No doubt she is the one to help you get in that move you're struggling with. She's super cute and lots of fun! We hope you can join us!


Workshop Photos


Hi Everyone!  We don't havd a lot of photos from Alethea or Cleo's workhsops simply because they do not allow photos or video to be taken during their workshops...

Moulin Rouge Instructor Performance at the Shane McConkey Gala


Check out the video of our Vertical Fitness Instructor performance! What an amazing experience for us all.  Coming together to create choreography, decide on costumes, rehearse, and basically move out of our comfort zone! We are for the most part anyway, instrucotrs and not dancers or performers so it was not something we were experienced in.  As Kellie said, "For  some of us our last performance was when we were 8 years old at our ballet recital!" lol I am beyond proud of everyone. It was such a fun and magical evening!  A big "Thank you" to Sherry McConkey who have us the opportunity to shine.  XOXO, Cindy

More Workshop Photos...


Burlesque Workshop Photos!


Hello Everyone!  Here are the workshops from Rodney's last Burlesque Workshop. November17, 2011. Enjoy!

Here are the Halloween Pics!


Hi Everyone!

Here are the pictures from our Halloween Chair Dance Celebration!


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